A Visit to Tra Tea in Bellevue

 My family and I drove over to the Eastside to check out Tra Tea in Bellevue. They serve Vietnamese Coffee, Bubble Tea, Lemonade, and fresh Press Juices. They offer four different kinds of bottles and cups for your drink! I tried a Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls in a really cute reusable plastic carton. I've seen this on IG in L.A and NYC but I'd never seen any in Seattle. I love unique food and drinks, so I had to purchase one with my tea! 

My husband chose a Vietnamese coffee in a neat can. His coffee was really strong and hit the spot. I also really enjoyed my Brown Sugar Milk Tea. It was a fun experience drinking it out of this kind of container! Their shop was really bright and I liked the clean look of the interior. The ladies working there were also really friendly and helpful. Tra Tea's location is also pretty great. They are right next to the Safeway in Bellevue and across from the mall and the park! 

Tra Tea 
10435 NE 4th St. 
Bellevue, WA 


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