Dinner at El Chupacabra

Seattle has moved to Phase 1.5. That means restaurants can open their dining rooms at 25% capacity. If they have a patio, they can fill that to 50%. I couldn't wait to go out to eat, so a couple days after this phase started we decided to check out El Chupacabra. The evening was nice for early June, so we drove to Alki Beach and tried to get a table on their patio. We were quoted forty minutes. It was a busy scene on Alki and people were lining up to get a table. There ended up being a misunderstanding and our name got crossed off the list. So instead of getting seated outside, we were led inside to their very dark dining room about an hour after we arrived.

My food photos turned out too dark and I was bummed. I ordered a Cadillac Margarita and luckily, had the foresight to take it outside for a photo. I ordered the Mission Style Chicken Burrito. It wasn't hot and barely warm when I took a bite. Yes, I was taking photos for a few minutes, but the food should have still been hot. My husband had the Chicken Chimichanga and liked it. Our sons had rice and a Cheese Quesadilla. I think they're still working out the cogs of not being opened for a few months. My first dining experience in months wasn't the greatest, but whatever. I'm just glad Seattle is making some progress and starting to open more places. It did feel good to eat and drink somewhere besides my dining room. 


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