Chocolate Cake with Pink Frosting

For our Wedding Anniversary I made a chocolate cake with pink frosting and sprinkles. I had found a cute cake stand and some fun napkins at Target. I did a two layer cake which was a first for me and took quite a while. Since it was my first time, putting on the buttercream on two layers was difficult. I've made buttercream and frostings before and always liked the way it tasted, but this time it didn't turn out at all. Which is sure a shame considering how much I love frosting. The cake part turned out great and we all loved the way it tasted. I used a chocolate cake recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction. Her Triple Chocolate Cake recipe hit the spot and I'd recommend using it. 

You can use any frosting recipe you wish. Her recipe comes with a chocolate frosting recipe I should have used instead. You can find the recipe here. My frosting tasted too much like butter, even though I added extra milk and powdered sugar. I did like the pink color, at least. Making a layered cake is fun and feels fancy presented on a cake stand. But for my next special occasion, I may just leave things to the professional bakers and buy a cake. 


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