Take-Out from Wing Dome on Pier 56

Who you calling a Dip Stick? Wing Dome's mozz sticks with a spicy coating. 

To mix things up a little and take a break from cooking dinner, I called Wing Dome on Pier 56 in Seattle to order take-out. This location recently opened and it looks like they have a nice patio right on the waterfront. Perfect for this summer when, hopefully, the virus will be long gone and we can enjoy dinner out and sunsets. Wing Dome has two other locations and they've been open since 1994.

They have special deals where they're selling cocktail kits to make at home. A lot of places are doing this with beer, wine, and liquor, since the state made it legal to do so right now. We bought the Blackberry Margarita kit for $10. It makes two cocktails and comes with two small bottles of Tequila, salt, a lime juice topper, blackberry syrup, and Margarita mix. By the time I mixed up our cocktails, got our food on plates, and took some photos, the food wasn't very hot or fresh anymore.

We chose two kinds of traditional wings. Six with BBQ sauce and six of their Bigger Badder Cheese. Those have Parmesan, lemon, and more Parmesan, and we dipped them in Bleu Cheese. We also got an order of the Dip Sticks. Wing Dome's version of Mozzarella Sticks are huge and triangle shaped. They also have a super spicy coating. I wouldn't recommend these if you don't like spicy foods. We also had two orders of fries, the Waffle Fries, and the Natural Cut Fries.

I've heard many good things about Wing Dome over the years, but I feel like this wasn't a great representation of their food since it had been sitting out a while. I look forward to dining out at their Pier 56 location later and trying the food again.


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