Cocoa Brownies

A brownie? Don't mind if I do! 

Here in Washington state, we've been ordered to stay at home because of how contagious the Coronavirus is. We are currently trying to "flatten the curve" and lower the amount of people getting sick. We aren't supposed to go out unless it is to the grocery store, doctor's office, or other essential places. You can go on a walk around the neighborhood, but other than that our governor has ordered the residents to stay put at home. And since schools are closed, I'm trying to homeschool my boys. Key word, trying. Since they're in Kindergarten, they don't need to work for hours and hours. I'm trying to teach them fun stuff like how to take photos of flowers outside and baking in the kitchen, along with the reading, writing, and math.

Baking is a great idea during this quarantine. Not only is it fun, it passes the time, and you have something delicious to treat yourself to. When we're baking, I forget about what's happening in the world, and I breath in the wonderful scents of what we're making. And there's nothing like trying a fresh baked goodie right out of the oven. Yesterday we whipped up some homemade brownies. We used the Cocoa Brownie recipe from the Food This brownie recipe is courtesy of Good Eats and is from Alton Brown. I'd never used a recipe from him, but I knew whatever I baked would be good. He just seems so exact and on point with food, so I trusted the recipe.

The brownie recipe uses a lot of butter and two kinds of sugar, so I knew they'd taste good. The brownie batter was really silky as I poured it into the pan. The smells that filled our home cheered us up and we couldn't wait to have a taste. The brownies were nice and thick, and almost cake like. They were crumbly and soft, and tasted like dark chocolate.

Since I didn't make any adjustments, you can find the original recipe here, on the Food Happy Baking and stay safe!


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