A Chinatown Food Adventure

A Mozzarella Cheese Hotdog and a Mozzarella Potato Hotdog from Chung Chun Rice Dog in Seattle's Chinatown.  

Right now is a good time to support the local businesses in Seattle. Because of the Coronavirus, most restaurants are losing around 50% of their business. Our governor has recommended "social distancing" and is telling older people with underlining health conditions to stay home. But if you are healthy and comfortable with going out to eat, then go and give these places some business. My husband and I took off for lunch in Chinatown and checked out the scene yesterday.

The drive there from Beacon Hill was quiet and almost felt like snow days do around here. There was ample parking available when we arrived. Our first stop was Chung Chun Rice Dog, a place I'd been wanting to try since they opened last year. They serve Korean Rice Dogs, crispy and hot corn dogs filled with your choice of cheeses, meats, and even squid ink. There was no wait to order, and only a couple of other people came in while we were there.

I got a rice dog filled with Mozzarella, because I'm cheesy like that. My husband got the one with Mozzarella, but one coated in pieces of potato. Yum! After taking a few photos in front of the bright corn dog lights, we bit into our snack. If you love cheese pulls, then these rice dogs are for you. You can even have them dipped into sugar for that sweet and savory element. I was undecided so I had only one side dipped in sugar. The rice dogs were really hot, and there was steam for days. What a cheesy treat. They are pretty filling because of all of the cheese and fried goodness on the outside. I liked the sugar and it would have been awesome with more. My husband's one was really good with the potato.

Chung Chun was our appetizer, so we walked around a bit and looked for a spot for more food. We popped into Dough Zone Dumpling House and they actually had a wait. We didn't feel like waiting so we kept on looking. Just about a block away, was Luosifen, a Chinese spot. There was just two people dining so we were served right away.

My husband had a Budweiser and I chose a Hibiscus Tea with Tapioca. We were also served some hot tea and nuts to start. Turns out Hibiscus isn't my favorite flavor tea, but at least I tried something new. I ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken and my husband had the Beef Brisket. Of the two dishes the brisket was the best. It was incredibly tender, hearty, and well seasoned.

We left Chinatown with full bellies and very clean hands, since we made sure to wash them at every opportunity.


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