T-Mobile Park 2019 Menu Preview Event

Take me out to the ballgame and feed me! The much loved Caribbean Pork Sandwiches from Paseo's are now available at Mariners games.

Get ready M's fans. There will be new eats and drinks available next time you come to a Mariners game. And that's not all. The stadium is now called T-Mobile Park, so they'll be all sorts of new things to check out. I was invited to attend the T-Mobile Park Menu Preview event held in the Terrace Club, a spacious conference room that looks out over the stadium. The new signage was being put up, that recognizable magenta with the T-Mobile logo to replace the Safeco Field sign was just installed. The other T-Mobile Park signs loom large around the stadium entrances, and in my opinion look great. They are about ready to roll, and the new season starts at the end of the month.

There are lots of new food options and we were able to try them all. Local Seattle Chef Ethan Stowell was there to talk about his inspired burger that will be sold at the Hit It Here Café. He created a burger using Crowd Cow organic beef. It also has Calabrian chili aioli, Beecher's dulcet cheese, grilled onions and Hempler's bacon. Some newcomers added to the food lineup are Li'l Woody's, Fat's Chicken, and Paseo's. We also were able to try some sausage from Beyond Meats Vegan Sausage and a Grand Salami Sandwich from Sultan of Sandwich, a tribute to the Hall of Fame broadcaster Dave Niehaus.

For something sweet, because you've gotta have dessert at the ballpark, they will have the Metropolitan Market's "The Cookie". They are 6 oz and have two kinds of Belgian chocolate, toasted walnuts, and fleur de sel. I love these cookies and I'm pleased you'll be able to find these at the stadium. Shug's Ice Cream will also be available. They will sell ice cream cones and in cups, and their Prosecco Float's.

They've also created a signature cocktail for T-Mobile Park, the Magenta Mojo. This colorful and fun drink has Littet liqueur, Pamplemousse rose, hibiscus, Peychaud's aromatic bitters, soda water, and vodka. And for the first time, you'll be able to bring the cocktail to your seat and enjoy it there. I loved the purple ice cube that lit up. It makes the drink playful and celebratory.

Mariner's fans expect a certain level of quality when they eat at the games, and I think they hit it out of the park with this new lineup!

This is the Grand Salami Sandwich from Sultan of Sandwich. This filling sandwich has 1/2 lb. of local salami, smoked provolone cheese, and grainy mustard on a marbled rye baguette. (Main Level, Sec. 105) 

The Ethan Stowell Chef Inspired Burger will be available in the Hit It Here Café. 

Also available in the Hit It Here Café are the Kuku Fries. They're topped with furikake Japenese seasoning, gochujang chili sauce, horseradish crema, red tobiko and green onion.

Li'l Woody's will be selling a '95 Slide, hand-cut fries with a side of Full Tilt Ice Cream for dipping. I tried some chocolate ice cream and it tasted amazing with the fries. (The 'Pen)

And don't forget the burger. The Big Woody Burger is a 1/3 lb. flame broiled Painted Hills grass fed beef patty, with Hills bacon, Tillamook cheddar cheese, chopped onion, diced pickles, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, and mayo on a toasted bun.

Paseo's will have Corn on the Cob along with their Caribbean Pork Sandwiches. How cute are the Corn on the Cob's in the bucket? Perfect for the ballpark.

Paseo's will be located at Edgar's Cantina and Edgar's Home Run Porch.

The amazing cookies from Met Market will be sold at The Frozen Rope at the Main Level, Sec. 132.

If you want to go vegan at the game, its possible. Try a Beyond Meats Vegan Sausage ( Spicy Italian and Sweet Italian). These are gluten-free, vegan plant-based protein. Located at From The Natural in Section 132.

Ethan Stowell talked to us about the burger that will be available.

A representative from T-Mobile talked about the new Magenta Mojo cocktail that was created for the stadium.

The new Magenta Mojo drink was really refreshing and most importantly, tasted good! It will be available in The 'Pen, Terrace Club lounges, and the Lookout Landing. 

My eats from Li'l Woody's. It didn't disappoint!

Fat's Chicken will be selling a Fried Chicken Breast Sandwhich. Its battered and deep fried with garlic aioli, house-made pimento cheese, tomato, pickle and mixed greens. Find it in The 'Pen.

Alongside the chicken sandwich is their Mac and Cheese. It was spicy from the creole spiced Tillamook cheddar and mozz.

The sandwich from Fat's is something else!

I was a Paseo virgin until I tried this and now I'm a fan. The pork was so tender and was  good with the rest of the sandwich. They use tender roast pork with Caribbean spices, aioli, caramelized onion, pickled jalapeno peppers, romaine, and cilantro on a toasted baguette.

I was able to try one of Shug's Prosecco Float's and I loved it. This is one excellent ballpark dessert/drink. The Prosecco was so bubbly and crisp, and the ice cream was creamy and wonderful. A really nice combo. Find Shug's Ice Cream at The 'Pen, Main Level, and Sec. 152.


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