A Visit to America's Car Museum in Tacoma

My son loves cars, so when my uncle recommended checking out America's Car Museum, it sounded perfect. A few weeks after he told us about it, we were able to head down to Tacoma and visit. The museum was a lot bigger than I had imagined and it seemed as if the cars went on and on. My son had so much fun looking at the cars and posing by his favorites.

My other son likes cars, but not as much as his brother. But he was super excited to see the Tacoma Dome, located right next to the museum. There's also a balcony you can go on which has a view of the Tacoma skyline, which he loved. There's also a restaurant when you get hungry. Located on the Mezzanine level is Classics by Pacific Grill. The cool part about the restaurant is the view looking down on all of the cars. So you can sip your Rum and Coke while admiring the classic cars from above.

They have a kids menu, so my son had a hot dog which came with fries, applesauce, and a drink. My other son and I shared some fries and a soft pretzel. If I go out to eat and they have big, soft pretzels with a cheese sauce, then I'm probably going to order it. I just can't pass those babies up. My husband enjoyed a plant based cheeseburger that looked and tasted just like beef, so that's a win for sure. They also serve beer, wine, and liquor for mixers. I had a rum and coke and he had a Bud Light.

I was happy to see all of the kid activities in the museum. There were several areas for drawing cars and a long ramp for racing them. They had a car you could sit in with a touchscreen teaching visitors about maps, road trips, and fuel. They also have a car you can pose in for a free photo to take home.

There are four levels with cars, so it does take some time to look at everything. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon!


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