Cloud Nine Creamery

Cloud Nine Creamery opened Friday at Southcenter Mall. If you like ice cream made using Liquid Nitrogen then this place is for you. They have a great concept and product. Not only can you get your ice cream on top of a waffle, they also serve waffle fries. In playing up the sweet and savory, the idea is to dip your fries into the ice cream. That sounded too good to pass up, so we ordered chocolate ice cream and the waffle fries. Our family shared an order and we got extra cups and spoons. I loved the ice cream and the fries. They were hot and crispy and perfectly seasoned. They were awesome, yet diet busting, with the silky smooth chocolate ice cream smeared on top of the waffle fries. And the portion of the ice cream and fries were huge. I'm glad we shared and we all got our fill of both. The liquid nitrogen ice cream was incredible and was somewhere in between gelato and soft serve. Their theme for the store is like a science lab which I found really cute and unique. There's a large viewing window to watch them make the ice cream, which feels like a novelty if you've never seen the liquid nitrogen process. Feel like a selfie? They have a free photo booth machine where you can send the photo to your phone. Awesome idea, but for some reason our photo turned out too overexposed. I'm hoping that's something they can easily fix, or maybe it was just ours. Since it was only their second day of business I felt like there were some kinks. But their ice cream is on point and that's the important thing.


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