Happy Hour at Good Bar

For the second half of our date night we headed south from downtown Seattle to Pioneer Square and checked out Good Bar. See the first part of our date night here, at the Bookstore Bar and Café.

The Good Bar is located in a historic building that was built in 1900. It felt like a neighborhood bar but with quality food and drinks. They are also close to the stadiums, so even though it wasn't a game night, the vibe gave off that feeling. I liked the black and white finishes with touches of red and the high ceilings with the historic moldings.

Our drinks turned out to be interesting and notable. I chose a drink called the Vanity Fair and it had vodka, aperol, starvation alley cranberry and citrus scrub. It was not very sweet, but kind of sour, and felt like a seasonal cocktail given the cranberry and the citrus. My husband chose the Rainer Beer and an Underberg for $6 from the happy hour menu. He didn't know what he was getting because he'd never tried Underberg before. It turned out to be liquor and arrived in a tiny bottle that was 44 proof. It was really strong and tasted like black licorice.

Since we had already shared two plates at the Bookstore Bar and Café, we each ordered one dish to try. He chose the Chicken Wings and I had the Roasted Cauliflower Dip. The chicken ended up being larger than the traditional style and didn't have a sauce. It was served on top of some colorful veggies which had a light bleu cheese sauce. My Cauliflower Dip was a hearty and spicy dip that tasted just right because of the cold December night. It had a paprika cheese sauce and also had broccoli. There were small pieces of toasted bread for dipping.

The restrooms were located outside of the bar and down a hallway. I was happy to see the beautiful Christmas Tree in their lobby. Good Bar ended up being a good bar just like their name. I enjoyed the historic feel and the unique eats and drinks.
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