Unique Food and Drinks I Tried This Year

This year I tried some unique eats. Some foods that were new to me and some were food fads now in the states. I was also inspired by some new flavors now available in Seattle. We are behind New York and Los Angeles in the food world, so its nice when new places open that we've never seen here before. A few things I tried were from a visit to Portland where I had some foods not available in Seattle, so that was exciting. Below are fifteen food and drinks that captured my attention. They were either delicious or beautiful and begged to be photographed. Or eating or drinking them was so much fun that I'll never forget it. Either way, these food and drinks left an impression on me and I want to share them here with you.
How about a Unicorn Ice Cream Sandwich from Central District Ice Cream Company? This year unicorns were one of the biggest fads in the food world. Even Starbucks had a Unicorn Frappuccino that caused quite the stir. This ice cream sandwich was very whimsical and tasty and was filled with a Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Read the full post here.  

Ah, Avocado Toast. Everyone wants to photograph it and share it on Instagram. But did you know its super tasty, too? So not only photogenic but mouthwatering, too. This Avocado Toast is from 2120 in Seattle and you can read about my visit here.  

This Liquid Nitrogen Cereal from Three Twenty Below at the Bite of Seattle was just so much fun to eat. Yes, my mouth was a little numb afterwards, but how awesome to be eating something and having liquid nitrogen come out of my nose and my mouth! This is a snack I'll never forget.

Another win from the Bite of Seattle this year was the Taiyaki Ice Cream. They don't serve these fish shaped ice cream cones in too many spots in Seattle, so when I heard they'd have them at the Bite, I couldn't wait to try one. Read about it and the Liquid Nitrogen Cereal here.

Shaved Ice isn't anything new, but it was new to me when I tried it for the first time at the Dim Sum Factory in Seattle. We ordered ours with Mochi, Mango, and Lychee Jelly. I loved it and am looking forward to getting it again sometime. Read more about our meal here.

Soft and sweet and filled with homemade fillings, the doughnuts from General Porpoise are way worth a visit. Read more about my experience here.  

They finally opened up a shop in Seattle selling Rolled Ice Cream. Hi B3ar in the I.D was a cool experience. You can watch them make it, and then you can choose however many toppings you want. It was not only pretty, but so sweet and delicious, too! Read more here.

Katsu Burger in Seattle is the place to go for unique burgers. They are huge and messy, but the flavor is spot on and memorable. Read more about my lunch here.

Li'l Woody's not only sells incredible and unique burgers, but they also have incredible shakes and desserts. On the day we visited they were selling Chocolate Shakes with chocolate covered Cheetos. And it was incredible. Read my post here and prepare to get hungry.

I was so happy when they opened a Sugar Factory here in Bellevue. Take my word for it and order a giant goblet to sip on. Share with a friend though, because they're pricey and filled with alcohol. It was not only neat looking but the taste was so good I was craving it weeks later. Read more about our dinner at Sugar Factory here.

During a visit to the Oregon Coast this Fall, we checked out the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Whatever you do, don't forget to grab one of their ice cream cones. The ice cream was so creamy and they have such a nice selection of flavors. I also loved their waffle cones with the chocolate sprinkles. It was an ice cream win for sure and you can read more here.

A visit to Portland, Oregon isn't complete without a stop at Blue Star Donuts. Not only are their flavors unique but they use a classic brioche recipe, so their donuts are really soft and fluffy. This donut pictured here is their Blueberry Bourbon Basil. You can read more about what else we tried here.  

One night for dinner during out trip to Portland, we checked out Fire On The Mountain. They're known for their chicken wings but if you need something sweet to end your meal, they have some notable desserts. I grabbed an order of these deep fried Oreos. They were rich and something I wouldn't have again because, hello, the calories. But it was fun to try once! Read here for more about our dinner.  

Portland, Oregon is packed with restaurants that are fun food experiences we don't have in Seattle. Like Slappy Cakes-a pancake place where you can make your own on a griddle right at your table. You can choose different sides and toppings. So much fun and so fun to do with kids! Read more about my visit to Slappy Cakes here.

Every post should end with chocolate, right? For some beautiful chocolates that are sure to impress, head over to Bellevue to Wow Chocolates. The shapes of chocolates are not only eye popping but the flavors are so decadent and tasty. Read more here.


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