Seattle's Lunar New Year Event in Chinatown

From a traditional dragon dance and fireworks, to live music, and a $3 food walk, there was something for everyone at the Chinese new year event in Seattle's Chinatown.  It was this past Saturday from eleven until four and my family went around lunchtime to grab some different bites at various restaurants.  The food categories were Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, International, and Café, Tea, and Bakery.  We couldn't really see the dragon dance at all because of the crowds.  But we could hear the fireworks and go the main idea anyway. 

We walked around until we saw a restaurant we liked with a smallish line.  Most places had very long lines and it was raining.  Our first stop was Pacific Hong Kong Café where I grabbed some pork potstickers and vegetable egg rolls.  We stood outside on the sidewalk and grubbed.  My potstickers were tender and juicy with the perfect amount of greasiness to make me feel like I'm treating myself.  There was something about eating outside, standing up without napkins, that made me feel a little bit spontaneous.  The rain started coming down a little harder so we moved on, this time going inside a Thai place called Tropics.  Their $3 item was Mango Curry with Deep Fried Tofu and Chicken Pad Thai.  Once again, we stood outside and wolfed down our noodles and rice, people watching and enjoying all the flavors.

Then our parking was about to be up but I wanted something sweet before we left.  So I ran inside Yummy House Bakery and was happy to see that their item was Mango Mousse Cake, just what I was craving.  The line was a little long but it was worth it when I bit into the cake.  So soft and fruity, with pieces of mango and the traditional sponge layers.  The small piece of dark chocolate on top was the perfect compliment.  The four of us split one piece so all we got was a taste.  But sometimes, something is so good that's all you need. 


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