Lolli and Pops

I felt like a kid in a candy store at Lolli and Pops, the new shop at Westfield Southcenter.  I was walking through the mall last week and just came upon it.  Of course, I had to wander in and check it out.  The salesgirl even took me on a tour.  It's a large space with many different variations of sweets to choose from.  They have a large glass case with chocolates and French Macarons, holiday candy, a whole wall of lollipops, imported chocolates, bins with candy and chocolate, themed candy, candy made locally, and old school candy that's hard to find.  I liked the giant gold gummy bear in the back and the huge lollipops everywhere.  It's an eye-popping place with something for everyone. 

I decided to get a selection of the French Macarons.  I chose six and they came in an adorable pink box.  I got a red velvet one, a birthday cake flavor, cereal flavor, a peanut butter and jelly, a pear and goat cheese, and a s'more Macaron.  They were like little bites of heaven.  The pear and goat cheese one stood out to me and I loved every little bite of it.  The peanut butter and jelly one was divine, too.  The cereal Macaron tasted like Captain Crunch, it was so good.  And the s'more one was also fabulous with the rich chocolate buttercream on half and marshmallow buttercream on the other side.  All I know is, this is going to be dangerous.  A sweets shop this good at the mall could be too tempting....

I couldn't resist taking a ton of Macaron shots.  I just had to post them here to show the six different flavors.  I also took some photos with my phone at the store to post to Instagram.  Enjoy!

The red velvet macaron.

The birthday cake macaron.

The cereal one that tasted like what I think is Captain Crunch. 

The pear and goat cheese macaron.

The peanut butter and jelly macaroon which I really liked because I've never eaten one like it before.

The s'more macaron with the marshmallow buttercream side.  

The s'more macaroon on top, with the chocolate buttercream side out. 

The innards of the pear and goat cheese macaron.  I love goat cheese so I really enjoyed the unique flavor of this one.


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