A Food Filled Holiday

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2015 brought lots of good eating.  Our little family of four had dinner together Christmas Eve and then we spent Christmas Day, in the evening, with lots of family.  Since there were so many of us, there was food everywhere you looked.  On Christmas Eve, we started off with a holiday breakfast of French Toast Bake.  I prepared it the night before and then baked it the next morning.  It made a whole pan and it lasted several days.  That night for dinner I experienced with Fireball Whiskey and Eggnog and the results were good.  Full of cinnamon flaver and well, festive! Then my husband made rice balls with cheddar and goat cheese.  First, he made the rice and shaped it into balls with the cheese.  Then he deep fried them and topped them with marinara.  We also had various appetizers and salad.  Dinner with the whole family on Christmas was a variety of many foods.  I made Roasted Brussels Sprouts for the first time that were a hit and my husbands' uncle made an appetizer of doughnut cheeseburgers!  There was ham, salmon, and prime rib for the main dishes.  Lastly, there was a counter full of sweets.  From cupcakes to boxes of chocolates, to homemade cookies, an incredible chocolate covered toffee I couldn't resist, and finally, Bailey's chocolate mousse shooters and mango shooters.  It all tasted amazing!  


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