Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium-Summer 2014

Tacoma, Washington is home to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.  The last time I visited I was twelve and have always remembered it fondly.  I checked it out again yesterday because I couldn't wait to see the polar bears.  But sadly they were nowhere to be seen.  Also, most of the animals were so far away I could hardly see them.  There was one elephant hanging out and one tiger.  I think I saw a monkey swinging from a tree.  Point is, I was pretty disappointed.  I liked the sharks though, the sharks where cool.  Aren't they though, from the other side of the glass and not with them in the water? The aquarium part was pretty small but I managed to get some nice shots of the shrimp, starfish, and seahorses.  If I would have checked out the zoo's website, I would have known that the polar bears are hanging out at 11:30 and could have planned accordingly.  So, sorry no polar bear photos.  Those will have to wait. 

For more info on Point Defiance Zoo, you can click here.


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