Montana 2014

This is where my story began.  This place will always be home. 
Columbia Falls, Montana

I dreamed up the quote above about a week before our road trip back home.  It was a whole three years since my last visit to big sky country and I was looking forward to being back.  I missed the mountains, the lakes and the huge looming night sky, filled with stars.  I missed my Grandma and I couldn't wait to give her a sweet, tender hug and introduce my sons to her.  The trip back home would be our first as a family. 

My expectations were a little high however and I didn't expect just how hard it would be to travel with two ten month old babies.  What normally took nine hours for my husband and I took twelve with our twins.  But this being a photography blog and not a parenting blog I will omit the negative and showcase the good.  We had an amazing time catching up with relatives and they adored my boys.  We ate so much good food with family and that made it taste even better.  Montana's scenery didn't let us down either.  From beautiful Lake McDonald in Glacier Park, the views of Columbia Mountain from my parent's house, the sunsets, Big Mountain in Whitefish and campfires under the starry night, it was all good. 

Our first day there my mom held a breakfast for all our relatives.  There was almost thirty people at my parents' house and the food was delicious.  She made quiches, huckleberry scones, coffee cake and fruit parfaits.  A nice start to our week and a great way to see everyone right away.

We also had a picnic at Apgar in Glacier National Park. I love the views of Lake McDonald and the mountains. 

My uncle makes this fudge sauce that is legendary.  Like the stuff from your dreams.  It's that tasty.  He made a batch and let me tell you, it didn't go to waste.  The whole family adores it and nobody stopped after one serving, that's for sure.  My dad makes homemade vanilla ice cream for it, too.  So good. 

We went to Glacier Park another day, too and hiked the Trail of the Cedars with my dad.  The whole walk had a boardwalk so it was perfect for our stroller and the boys could go too. 

We had a bonfire and made s'mores one night.  Gotta love s'mores and looking at the stars.  Summer doesn't get any better than that.  I even saw some constellations. 

My husband and I took the babies and did some lunch and shopping in Whitefish.  We ate at the Shooter Café on Main St.  I ate the best Jalapeño Poppers ever.  They were deep fried with bacon, cheddar cheese and came with a raspberry jam and ranch for dipping.  I will return some day to get more. 

I've always loved the view of Big Mountain from downtown Whitefish.  Now called Whitefish Mountain Resort, it has incredible skiing in the winter and lots of summer activities this times of year.

My dad loves to pick huckleberries and I love to eat them.  He picked a ton and sent me home with some.  I was happy. 

Blueberry Lemon Pie from Montana Coffee Traders.  The piece was huge and I took it home.  I may have had some with ice cream later. 

Broasted Chicken, Fry Bread and French Fries from the Back Room in Columbia Falls.  This is our favorite place to eat and we crave it for years until we eat it again.  It didn't disappoint. 

We saw many gorgeous sunsets.  What a wonderful trip back home to Montana.   


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