El Quetzal

South Seattle's Beacon Hill neighborhood churns out some interesting places to eat.  I recently checked out El Quetzal and it was really just OK.  We started with some chips and salsa and a giant Coca-Cola.  The salsa was really thin and without much consistency.  I did like the ambiance though and the service was pretty good.  The prices were high however and I felt kind of bad paying $14 for a plate of beef that I could have cooked at home.  I ate the skirt steak with onions, tomatoes and jalapeños.  It came with a little bit of rice and a small portion of refried beans.  The slice of watermelon was a nice touch.  I had my choice of either corn tortillas or flour for my sliced steak.  All in all, the food was good but didn't blow me away and I didn't love the prices.  When I eat Mexican, usually the more melted cheese the better.  I think that's why El Quetzal didn't leave such a lasting impression because its not what I normally eat. 

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