My Baby Shower

I'm pregnant with twin boys and due in October! They're fraternal and they're going to be adorable.  My husband and I were in shock for the first few weeks after our first ultrasound.  But we're so excited about our double blessing and we can't wait to meet them, hold them and never let them go.  My pregnancy has been pretty smooth so far with mild symptoms.  Although acid reflux is not my friend, thank goodness for tums.  There's tons of discomforts that come with a twin pregnancy but I just keep reminding myself its not forever and in the end I get two precious babies. 

Yesterday my friends threw me a baby shower.  Lots of my friends came to celebrate with me.  We ate, played games, ate cake and then I opened presents.  They had a diaper raffle so everyone arrived with a box of diapers.  That will help me a lot since I'm hearing that twins go through six hundred diapers a day.  That's so many!  I'm going to be a diaper changing machine for awhile.  I liked all the blue touches everywhere at my shower and I thought the ducks on my cake and in the punch bowl were super cute.

                      Mini chocolate cheesecakes were one of the desserts at my baby shower.

         Since I'm going with E names for my babies, my friend had them add an E on my cake. 

 Two floating rubber duckies in the punch!  They let me take them home and when my boys are six months or so they can play in the bath with them. 

      One of my friends is very creative and she made these shower favors.  Aren't they so cute? They're sugar cookies on a stick.  I love how she did two of them!

 Another of my friends is creative, too.  She made this gift of washcloths wrapped around a spoon to look like lollipops.  Each one has two washcloths.  Very original! 

 They had different balloons around the room as decorations.  This baby one was my favorite.  I took two of them home with me and they're now in my living room.  Love it! 

                       I hope you enjoyed checking out the photos I took at my baby shower! 


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