Coconut Almond Bites

This afternoon I did some more holiday baking.  Or I should say holiday candy-making since so far the three things I've made have all been candy of the no-bake variety.  Next week I'm planning on baking some cookies though and I can't wait for my house to smell like someones been baking! Today I made Coconut Almond Bites, basically homemade Almond Joy's.  They were very easy to make and tasted just like the candy bars but with that sweet made at home taste.  You make a coconut filling and dip that in melted chocolate, then they're topped with a toasted almond.

You can find the recipe to make your own here, just in case you're craving coconut, chocolate and almonds or if you want ideas for more holiday goodies to make. 

I hope you're having a happy 12-12-12 day.  They're the last dates like those we'll ever see!  

I took some photos of my Coconut Almond Bites and had a little fun with some different Christmas backgrounds.  Enjoy!


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