Portland Food Trucks and Voodoo Doughnuts

Last Thursday, October 4th, my husband and I took off towards Newport, Oregon for five days.  We stopped in Portland for lunch.  I've heard about the food trucks there for years and have never eaten at one.  They all congregate on a downtown city block and you have your choice of a bunch of trucks to eat at. 

We chose Addy's Sandwich Bar, a gourmet baguette truck with local ingredients.  I had the turkey, brie, cucumber and creme fraise and he had the sandwich with duck confit.  The only downside?  No where to sit and eat.  Most people just walked and ate but we sat at a bus stop and chowed down.  People kept walking up to us and asking where we got the sandwiches.  Um, a block away where all the food trucks are?  Then we were booted off the bus stop island because people needed to actually wait for the bus. 

Bagette with duck confit. 
Turkey, Brie Cheese, Cucumber and a Creme Fraise sauce. 

After lunch, we walked back to our car and then drove to Chinatown.  What's there?  Voodoo Doughnuts!  They are famous for their bacon maple bars and have lines around the block, which we didn't know and were surprised to see a line snaking around the bakery.  So we parked and waited in line for twenty minutes.  We got to the front of the line and saw they were cash only.  I ended up having just enough to buy one doughnut for each of us.  I was actually down to the penny, counting out change so I too could gorge myself with these calorie bombs.  Voodoo Doughnuts has been on my foodie list for years.  They're always being featured on the travel channel.  I just had to try the Bacon Maple Bar and I also got the Old Dirty Bastard, a cakey doughnut with oreo's, chocolate and peanut butter.  It was so rich that is took me all the way to Lincoln City on the coast to polish off. 

The Bacon Maple Bar, sounds gross, right?  But its oh so good.  I made this at home several years ago and loved it.  The bacon at Voodoo was so crisp and salty and the maple so rich and sweet.  More, please!

The other doughnut we got-the Old Dirty Bastard.  Terrible name, delicious doughnut.  Who would have though?  A doughnut covered in oreo's and peanut butter.  Yumm!

Our time in Portland came to a close and we hopped back in the car.  Next stop, highway 101 and onto Newport.  Oregon Coast, here we come!

             Links to where we ate in Portland:  Addy's Sandwich Bar and Voodoo Doughnuts.   

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  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm guessing you went here because you saw it on tv? It's kind of awesome that the media is turning my hometown into a new Hollywood lol It's not surprising you went to this location. Most people only know of this location because they've seen it on tv. Probably didn't know about Voodoo Doughnuts Too on NE Davis huh. New people to Portland usually don't. You probably were in line with a ton of tourists huh. You likely won't ever get that with the Too location. It's the locals location with hardly any tourists. That's the problem with the one near China Town (which was actually Japan Town historically). All the tourists go there cramming it up (thank you media) and the employees are like soup line workers.


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