Newport Eats and My Birthday Dinner at Georgie's Beachside Grill

The Oregon Coast is filled with many great food spots.  Fresh seafood is available everywhere and I definitely took advantage of that.  Newport, where we stayed, had many restaurants and we checked out a few of them.  Of course, being the dessert lover that I am, I had to hit up a couple fudge and sweet shops, too.  Here are a few of the places we ate at, in order, while in Newport.

On our first day in Newport we ate lunch at Nye Beach at the Savory Cafe.  This restaurant had an Hawaiian theme and served pizza, pasta, sandwiches, seafood and more.  Something for everyone. 

I ate the coconut prawns, my first taste of fresh seafood this trip.
My husband ordered the Chicken Curry.  The serving was pretty big so I helped him. 
                                         Their website is

After lunch we walked around Nye Beach and checked out the gift shops.  Then my sweet tooth started calling so I got some fudge at Nye Beach Sweets. 

I had the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Fudge.  Luckily the piece was small since I devoured the whole thing, it was very tasty.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the cafe at our motel.  I had the French Toast with Strawberries and yes, I polished off the whole thing.  Then I took a long walk on the beach and walked off the calories (I'm hoping).

That afternoon we took off for the historic bayfront in Newport.  There's tons of restaurants, gift shops, sea lions and tons of things to look at.  We ate lunch at Rogue Brewery, which is right along the strip of restaurants and shops.  We lucked out and found a parking spot right in front of the entrance.  Being Saturday, the bayfront was busy with tourists enjoying the shoulder season. 

As soon as we were sat, the server plopped down these samples of beer for us, free of charge.  My husband also ordered a Dead Guy Ale but me, not being a beer fan, just sipped my free sample. 

He ordered a Kobe beef hot dog which he enjoyed while I got the fresh oyster shooters and the clam chowder.

Fresh Oysters from Yaquina Bay.  I only ordered two but she brought me four.  Expensive little things and I got some shell, eww. 
I loved my clam chowder.  I would order this again!  

Rogue Brewery is located in Newport's Historic Bayfront.  Their website is

I bought some sweets for my parents at Aunt Belinda's Candies next, also located at the bayfront. 

Since my mom's never tried Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels before (heaven's no!) I bought them several pieces along with some Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.  For more info about Aunt Belinda's Candies, click here.

 On our last full day in Newport it was my Birthday.  We had a really fun day sightseeing and then we ate a nice dinner at Georgie's Beachside Grill where I tried Fondue for the first time.  I started with salad and bread and then had the Crab Artichoke Fondue as my entree.  Ugh, it was so heavy( well, I was consuming a ton of cheese) I had a stomach ache afterwards, but it tasted so good!

My husband had the Parmesan Chicken which he gave me several bites of.  Now I can see why Georgies was so busy, the food is delicious.  Plus we watched the sunset while we waited for our food.


A piece of Chocolate Fudge Cake for my Birthday dessert.  It was so rich that I boxed it up to go and finished it the next day.

For more about Georgie's Beachside Grill, go to

              I hope you've enjoyed checking out my food photos from my trip to Newport! 


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