Fun Times at the Fair

As a child I loved the fair.  I would wait all summer long for the fair.  Like literally wish my summer away and count off the days on the calender.  I couldn't wait for the rides.  I loved those few minutes of true fun on each ride.  When I think of the word fair, I think fun.  I still love the fair as an adult.  I love the sights-people of all ages having as good time, the sounds-the screams of people on the rides, the smells-popcorn, cotton candy (maybe not the smell of farm animals) and the enjoying all the food, in my case-the beer garden, elephant ears, ice cream and fried candy bars.  The fair is always the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer while we transition into fall.  I didn't make it this year to the fair so I thought I'd post photos from the last few years. 

In 2007 I attended the Northwest Montana Fair in Kalispell.  This was the fair I grew up going to.  That summer was a particularly bad fire season and the sky was a crazy pink and red color in the evenings.  I was able to photograph the fair with the wild sky. 

Living in Seattle, our local fair is the Puyallup Fair and its held every September.  My husband and I started attending together in 2005 and have gone several times over the years.

The fair photographed at night, with the moon. 

These were taken in 2005 at the Puyallup Fair, our first time experiencing the fair together. 

In 2010 we discovered the beer garden at the Puyallup.  While the cocktails are not cheap, they are delicious and really hit the spot.  Pictured here is a Long Island Ice Tea that we shared before walking around the fair.   

After walking around, one gets hungry and there is food available of every kind you can think of.  I had been hearing about deep fried desserts, like candy bars and Twinkies.  So when I saw this Totally Fried Food stand, we waited in line for thirty minutes to try some.  I ordered a deep fried Butterfinger but they messed up my order and I got a Babe Ruth instead.  To me the flavors didn't mix and it was kind of a fail.  The nuts in the chocolate bar didn't match the fried shell on the outside.  The creamy peanut butter of a Butterfinger might have been better.  Who am I kidding?  This wasn't healthy and nobody should be eating this.  But when at the fair...

A deep fried Babe Ruth from the Puyallup Fair. 

Hello Kitty how I love thee.  I never play the games but I enjoy watching others play and looking at all the stuffed toys.

Last year at the Puyallup Fair we shared a waffle cone with a mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream covered in sprinkles. 

I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my fair photos from over the years.  Thanks for reminiscing with me! 


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