Memorable Visits to some of Seattle's Restaurants

Seattle has many wonderful restaurants and I have decided to highlight some I have visited in the last few years.  One of them is Sky City at the Needle, the Space Needle's revolving restaurant.  This photo of the Seattle Space Needle, I took from Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill last August.  I've always been fascinated by the coolness factor of the Space Needle plus my husband proposed to me on top, on the observation deck. This post about Sky City is from the second time we ate there, in 2007. 

                                                              Sky City at the Needle

            I started off with a cocktail while I enjoyed the 360 degree view, overlooking the city. 

                            Downtown Seattle from the Space Needle's Sky City Restaurant.

                                              The view of Belltown from the restaurant.

I ordered the crabcakes and yes, they tasted delicious.   Sorry, not too many photos of the food. Back in 2007 when we ate here, I wasn't as into shooting everything in front of me like now. 

The view to the North of Lake Union and the University of Washington.  Look at all the boats on the lake. 

                      The view of Elliott Bay from the Space Needle's Sky City Restaurant.

For dessert, we ordered the Ice Cream Orbit Dessert with dried ice.  Something fun to order once, but too spendy and touristy to repeat.  All in all, that's how I feel about the restaurant in general.  But you gotta love the views that the experience offers. 

                                                         Kylie's Chicago Style Pizza

Chicago style pizza was always something I had heard about but never tasted.  I've never been to Chicago and I didn't know I could find that type of pizza here in Seattle.  Turns out, you can find pretty much anything here.  So I just went on and typed in Chicago style pizza and Kylie's popped up with great reviews.  So my husband went and checked in out in June 2010 for our Anniversary.  Kylie's didn't disappoint.  We loved the pizza and its thick toppings and how a knife and fork is always used to eat it.  Don't get me wrong, we love New York style but Chicago is now a favorite too.  I always said I could eat pizza every night of the week.  One night, Chicago style, one night New York, then frozen, homemade and so on.  We ordered the classic style, with green peppers and sausage.  I would love to return and try some more with different toppings.  I would probably love them all. 

                 Kylie's is located in Fremont, a unique and fun neighborhood in Seattle. 

I ordered a Thomas Kemper root beer with my pizza.  I loved the fizz, cold and sweetness with the thick Chicago style pizza. 

The Classic style pizza from Kylie's.  The crust is very thick and its all about the toppings-from the cheese and tomato sauce to all the goodness on top.  Careful though, one or two slices will fill you up!

The Fishermans Restaurant and Bar

The Fishermans is located on the Seattle Waterfront and is known for its fresh, local seafood.  We ate there Labor Day Weekend 2010. 

                                     I tried fresh oysters for the first time and loved them. 

Guests at the Fishermans Restaurant and Bar, enjoying a seafood meal on the Seattle Waterfront.  Labor Day Weekend 2010.

                                                 A Mango Bellini with fried oysters.

                        Seattle, bathed in the late summer's magic hour, from the Waterfront.

           A ferry makes its way back from across Elliot Bay while the sun drops behind the Olympic Mountains.

We had a memorable seafood dinner on the Seattle Waterfront and the sunset wasn't bad either when we took a stroll along the water after we ate.  For more info on the Fishermans, go to

Purple Cafe and Wine Bar

For our Wedding Anniversary in 2011 we dined at Purple Cafe and Wine bar, located in downtown Seattle on 4th Ave.  I loved the winding staircase with all the wine bottles.

                                       We started our meal with a glass of Bordeaux wine. 

                      The Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese went perfectly with our Bordeaux.

                                                      Curried Lamb Empanadas.

Swedish-style Meatballs with Sherry Mushroom Veloute and Gorgonzola stuffed dates with pine nuts and Saba.

Now time for dessert!  Maple Bread Pudding with Butterscotch, Blackberry Compote and Candied Orange Zest. 

 There are several locations in the Seattle area. Go to for more on this lovely restaurant and wine bar.

Chandler's Crabhouse

For Labor Day Weekend 2011 we had brunch at Chandler's Crabhouse on South Lake Union. 

The entrance to the restaurant is on the left.  The brunch is really good and recommendable, we loved it and the view of South Lake Union, too.

My husband had a Bloody Mary and I sipped a Mimosa.  Bring on Brunch!

Each item on the brunch menu comes with fresh fruit, scones and fritters.  Can you say yum!

I ordered the Omelet with Bacon and Sausage.  The Omelet was so huge that it was my dinner that night too. 

 The view from our table.  We were lucky the weather was so sunny too.  With the Seattle weather
you never know.  September has a reputation of being nice and sunny though.

The area around the restaurant called Chandler's Cove on South Lake Union.  You can see the Space Needle in the distance with a Sea Plane flying over and getting ready to land in the lake.  There are also very nice boats and yatches which are parked all around the cove, making it fun to walk around and look.

Chandler's Crabhouse's website is


For my Birthday this year in October, we had Happy Hour at Seastar.  Seastar is a seafood restaurant and raw bar.  I saw on their website that they had Kobe Beef Sliders, which I had never tried, and knew I wanted to go there and check it out.  The Bar was packed so my husband and I sat right at the bar and started with a glass of Cote De Rhone wine. 

The Kobe Sliders didn't disappoint.  We had never eaten a more tender and juicy beef. 

The homemade Truffle Potato Chips were yummy and went well with the red wine and Kobe sliders.  The happy hour at Seastar is one of the best and you could tell that my how busy the place was. 

  For more on Seastar go to


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