Trying Tanghulu and Korean Corn Dogs at Myungrang Hot Dogs in Tukwila


Some Tanghulu from Myungrang in Tukwila! Tanghulu is a Chinese dessert using fresh fruit which is coated in a sugared coating. 

A new spot for Korean Corn Dogs in Tukwila is Myungrang Hot Dogs. They have a wide selection of Corn Dogs with lots of toppings and fillings. You can choose Hot Cheetos, Sweet Potato, or plain, and your choice of cheese and sausage fillings. They have lots of sauces, too, which are located at their sauce bar, and you can choose as many as you'd like! Along with Corn Dogs, they have Tanghulu for dessert. This was our first time trying this Chinese snack. There's fresh fruit on a skewer and each piece of fruit is coated in a thick sugary coating. This is the only place in Seattle I've seen this item, so we were excited to try it. 

We had a hard time enjoying our Tanghulu as the coating was really thick and hard to bite through to the fruit. My husband actually hurt his mouth on his piece. So, we're not sure if all Tanghulu is like this, or just this spot. It sure looked like a fun and unique treat, however, as each piece of fruit looks so shiny and is lined up so nice on the skewer. Tanghulu is super popular street food in Asia. 

We each tried a Korean Corn Dog. I chose the Sweet Potato one filled with mozzarella cheese and coated in sugar. There was hardly any sugar, however, and my Corn Dog wasn't very flavorful. They have lots of computers and with proof of purchase of any Corn Dog, instant Ramen, or even some Boba Tea from Share Tea next door, you'll receive an hour of playtime. You can play Minecraft, Roblox, and more! My boys took advantage of this offer and played away after they ate. 

Not our favorite place for Korean Corn Dogs, but the nice PCs are super fun to play on and it was cool trying a new Asian treat! 

Myungrang Hot Dogs 

100 Andover Park W, Ste 110 

Tukwila, WA 


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