A Visit to the Cinemark Reserve in Bellevue


My Espresso Martini at the movie! At Cinemark Reserve, you can order food and drinks with the touch of a button from your seat, while you enjoy the movie. 

This was my first experience with ordering cocktails and food at the movie theater. At the Cinemark Reserve in Lincoln Center in Bellevue, they have a Dine-In 21+ theater. My husband and I went to watch Fall Guy and couldn't wait to check out the Dine-In experience. 

The movie was really fun, and action packed. Fall Guy really has it all, even romance, and a great soundtrack. I ordered an Espresso Martini, and my husband got a Long Island Iced Tea. To eat I had the Chicken Quesadillas, and he had the Chicken Sandwich. Our server arrived pretty soon after I pushed the button on my seat. She brought our cocktails quickly, and we started enjoying them right as the previews finished and Ryan Gosling started jumping and, well, falling. 

The server had the timing down pat, because our lunch arrived soon after. Everything tasted delicious, even though it was a little hard to see the food. My Espresso Martini was made perfectly and was so fun to drink while watching the movie. The seats were comfy. These roomy, leather seats actually recline and have a footrest. My only complaint was the server never returned to take our glassware and empty plates, but I'm sure she would have if we pushed the button again. 

When you enter the move theater there's a large bar, along with an outdoor deck. There's also a game area with pool and foosball. They also have lots of seating for hanging out in the sizeable lobby. I would recommend chilling and hanging out with a drink before or after the movie, just to extend the experience. 

For pricing, we only paid $9 each before taxes since we went during the day on a Tuesday, which is the day they have this deal. Of course, overall, we paid more since we ate and drank, but it was well worth it! I highly recommend seeing a movie here if you're 21+ with friends or for an awesome date night, or in our case, a day date! 

Cinemark Reserve 

500 Bellevue Way NE 

Bellevue, WA 

(425) 455-8422


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