Lunch at Golden Roosters in Pioneer Square


Korean BBQ Wings and Onion Rings from Golden Roosters in Pioneer Square in Seattle. 

If you're looking for a sports bar in Pioneer Square where you can enjoy some tasty Korean eats, look no further than Golden Roosters. The front of the space is all ages and has lots of seating. It appears to be quick-serve and the bar is in the back. Golden Roosters is sports-themed and tennis balls line the hallway to the bar. There's also a cool Super Sonics logo on the floor, which I didn't get a shot of. 

Their menu features several wings options, ranging from traditional to Korean BBQ, or KBBQ, which has a mild sauce and crispy coating. There are also sides like fries and Onion Rings, but if you want to try something new, you can order Bulgogi Cream Udon and Corn Cheese. We went with nine KBBQ wings and onion rings. The wings hit the spot. They were fried perfectly, juicy, and were well flavored. 

Along with a full bar, there's two slushy options, and you can add liquor to each one. There's a Blue Raspberry and Margarita one. I like how they were Sounders and Seahawks colors. I ordered the green one, the Margarita, and the bartender added Vodka. My husband ordered a Blue Long Island Iced Tea. This cocktail was strong and tasted delicious, too. 

This would be a fun spot to grab some wings and drinks before a game in Seattle! Golden Roosters opened a couple of months ago and seem to be a solid addition to the area. After we ate, we walked around for a minute to take some photos. There was an interesting and colorful mural on Yesler Way. Right across the street along Western Ave are the iconic ivy-covered buildings that make the neighborhood pop. 

Golden Roosters 

115 Occidental Ave S 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 596-2035


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