Dinner at South Town Pie

Looking for some quality pizza in Seattle you won't soon forget? Try South Town Pie in South Park. They're an all ages restaurant with a full bar and they serve slices and whole pies. It seemed like a no brainer for our family to check it out.

They use Zoe's Pepperoni which is my favorite local pepperoni, so I knew the pizza would be good. And I was right. The style is New York so its thin and foldable, a little greasy, and has just the right amount of cheese and toppings. The crust is perfect, not too thin though, and not thick. The crunchiness factor is on point and the slices are big. I ordered two slices of pepperoni and I was stuffed. This is sounding like a love letter to pizza, but I really just love pizza.

But before I pigged out on my pizza, I had one of their featured cocktails, a Bad Blood. To pair with my pizza later, I also sipped a glass of Bordeaux. My husband chose a shot of Tequila and a can of Tecate beer.We shared a large house salad with Vinaigrette, and it was gigantic. We took home what we couldn't finish and had it the next day. The salad was pretty basic and was full of arugula and radishes.

The only miss was the Cheesy Bread. It was underdone, so the bread was very dense and doughy. My suggestion is to skip that and go right for the main event, the pizza. While I was going to town on my pepperoni slices, the rest of the family had cheese pizza which they really liked.

To end it all on the sweet side, on the south side, we all shared some chocolate ice cream. South Town Pie serves ice cream from Full Tilt, a local place we like. They serve it in a half pint container which looked really cute. I left feeling really full and satisfied, because the pie was done so right!


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