A walk through the city at Christmas

My family and I spent two hours walking around downtown Seattle last night. I wanted to check out the lights in Pioneer Square, so we started there. This year the Downtown Seattle Association set up a display called The Illumination Station. This interesting and colorful display is located in Occidental Square. The idea of this art installation is for people to experience a beacon of brightness in the dark months. We also checked out the tall Christmas tree in the Court in the Square Building.

After walking around Pioneer Square we decided to walk all the way to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel on 4th and University St. The walk was beautiful because as we strolled, the day became night and all of the lights of the city came on. As commuters rushed around us, it was a weekday, we took in the views of Seattle at Christmastime.

When we reached the hotel, we saw the giant Gingerbread House that you can walk through. We also walked around the elegant lobby and looked at their Christmas Tree. Then we took an elevator to the 2nd floor to see the Teddy Bear Suite. It was packed and looked like the display hadn't changed much from several years prior. So instead of waiting for our turn into the suite, we headed back down to the lobby. Then we walked back to Pioneer Square where we started.

We walked by many lit up shops and restaurants on the way. One was a Christmas store and I couldn't help myself from taking a photo of the gorgeous display in the window. When we got back to Pioneer Square, all of the lights were shining brightly against the night sky.   

The Christmas tree stands proudly in the lobby of the Court in the Square building in Pioneer Square.  
The lights twinkle at us in Occidental Square as the day fades away and night beckons.  
A visitor walks through the Illumination Station in Pioneer Square.  
The life size Gingerbread House at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.
The Christmas Tree inside the grand lobby of the Fairmont Olympic.
The Teddy Bear Suite inside the Fairmont Olympic.
The 1201 Third Ave. building is aglow during the early evening.
We loved looking at this Christmas store's window display.
The pretty lights in Pioneer Square greeted us when we returned to our car.


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