Layered Lemon Pie

Layered Lemon Pie is just the thing to serve if you have company. The lemony pie is light and fluffy, and is just right for spring and summer. It is also no bake and I found it simple to make. The recipe is from Taste of Home and you can find it here. I couldn't find any lemon pie filling so I used an instant pudding mix which is basically the same thing. My parents visited us from Montana so I made this pie so we could have something sweet to eat. Everyone enjoyed it, even the kids, who can be pretty picky-even with pie. You start with a pre-made graham cracker crust, then you mix cream cheese with sugar. You then add half of the lemon filling with whipped cream. Then top the pie with the remaining lemon filling. To give the pie a little more of a citrusy flavor, I grated some lemon peel on top and garnished it with a lemon slice. The pie reminded me of a mix between lemon cheesecake and a lemon meringue pie. It was creamy and lemony and I enjoyed every bite, but I was happy I had company over to help finish it so I wasn't tempted to eat it all!


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