A Spring Getaway to Sequim, WA

A weekend away is just plain good for the soul. It's always a great idea to get out of town for a couple of days. It will give you a change of scenery and you'll feel refreshed and renewed when you get back home. Things won't be just how you like them when you're away. You may forget to pack something, or you may not sleep as well as you do at home. But if done right, a weekend away will have more good moments then bad and you will create tons of new memories with your family or friends. And when you get home and slip into your own comfy bed, you'll appreciate being at home that much more.

Since we hadn't gone anywhere since the fall, we decided to go visit our aunt and uncle in Sequim, WA. To get there, you can take a ferry to Bainbridge Island, its a 35 minute crossing. Then about an hour and fifteen minute drive, and boom, you've arrived in Sequim. The small town is a quite retreat for us and we find it very relaxing. It was rainy, so we waited for sunbreaks to head to the park where our kids could play. We spent most of the weekend hanging out in our relatives home, eating takeout, napping, and letting the kids just run around the house. Sometimes it just feels nice to escape Seattle for the quietness of a small town. But I did like coming back to Seattle and being greeted by the skyscrapers because yes, I missed the city after all.

The Washington Sate ferry, docked on the Seattle waterfront, unloads passengers and cars after arriving from Bainbridge Island. The wait time was efficient and it wasn't long before we could drive onto the ferry and sail to Bainbridge Island.

My sons and I can never get enough of the Seattle Skyline, and the ferry ride over to Bainbridge was rich with views.

Our ferry reaching Bainbridge Island, with the Seattle skyline in the distance.

We always visit this beach every time we're in Sequim. Its just a few minutes from our relatives house and the water views are pretty. During this visit, it was raining hard and it was windy, so I just jumped out of the car for a second to take this shot.

We got takeout from Koto Teriyaki and Sushi for dinner. For the four of us we got Inari, pictured here, California Rolls, and Chicken Teriyaki.

The downtown area of Sequim has many cute, local shops. We visited the toy store, Dungeness Kids, on the last day.

And for our next visit- dinner at Blondie's Plate. This restaurant, which used to be a church, had small plates and cocktails. We weren't able to eat there, but I couldn't resist taking a photo and now we have something to check out next time.

And ta da! Back in Seattle, and greeted by the skyline one more and the Great Wheel with the Space Needle. My kids were exited to see their favorite landmarks from a different perspective. A ferry ride is a must do for kids and there are many choices of islands around Seattle to visit. Go ahead and plan a spring getaway, you won't regret it!  

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