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I'm always down to check out burger joints in Seattle. And luckily for me there isn't a shortage of them. So when I read that Feed Co. Burgers had opened in the Central District and that they served not only cheese curds but Huckleberry shakes, it seemed like kind of a no brainer to eat there. The service was spot on. With an "order at the counter and they'll bring your food to you" setup, they were all super helpful and friendly with our requests even after we sat down. 

If you don't want to spend ten bucks for your burger, they have a 4 oz. burger for $5. Since we wanted sides and drinks, we figured that size would be just right for my husband and I, and I could share with my boys. Everything ended up being the right portion and I feel like I didn't over do it, but I also didn't miss out on flavor. The burger ended up being a little too on the simple side, and was a little overdone and under seasoned for us. But for me, those cheese curds and huckleberry shake more than made up for it.

I don't know many people who can resist a cheese curd. Those crispy bites of heaven are hot and cheesy, with a nutty flavor and crispy outside. We also shared fries, which were hand cut and on the thicker side, which I love. But that shake, though. One sip of that and I was back in Montana, where huckleberries rule the land and bring natives to their knees with the tart and sweet flavor. But beware, the small size is tiny and you will probably need another one. So just order a large shake, you'll thank me later. I ended up ordering a small Oreo shake for my boys to share because they deserved a little treat. It tasted like perfection. The shake was thick and topped with a good amount of crushed Oreos.  My husband drank a light beer, a Pilsner, to pair with his burger. So we all left happy and satisfied. Me, dreaming of cheese curds and huckleberries and my kids, dreaming of Oreo shakes. 
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