A Visit to WOW Chocolates in Bellevue

To beat the winter blues, I took a little visit to WOW Chocolates in Bellevue.  Probably the most detailed and unique bonbons I've ever seen, each chocolate is hand painted.  The owners source their chocolate from Venezuela and it is also organic.  Want a bonbon in the shape of a pair of lips?  WOW Chocolates makes them.  They also have a heart shaped tequila chocolate and a Cognac Orange bonbon in the shape of an orange slice.  And those are just a few of the flavors to choose from.  The shop, located in downtown Bellevue on Main St, is small but classy and bright.  The bonbons are beautifully and artfully displayed under a glass counter, and its hard to choose which ones to buy because all the flavors sound so good.  Not only that, but each bonbon looks gorgeous, almost to pretty to eat.  The chocolates are small and delicate and so flavorful.  The quality is so high from the Venezuelan chocolate, that you only need a couple to feel so satisfied.  I was given a Mint Chocolate one to sample and I loved the flavors.  I ended up purchasing a Raspberry Cabernet-the lip bonbon, Lime, Caramel, a heart shaped Tequila one, and a Cognac Orange chocolate.  They photographed nicely but I have to say, they tasted amazing, too.  My favorite was the Caramel because the caramel filling was like something out of a dream.  These chocolates don't come cheap, but yes, they are worth it. 


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