Peanut Butter Blondies with White and Milk Chocolate Chips

What do you do when you find a container of white chocolate chips you forgot about in your cabinet? I get to baking!  After browsing online for a few minutes, I found a recipe for blondies with peanut butter and white chocolate chips.  They also used peanut butter chips, which I didn't have, and the whole point of this was to use up my ingredients, not buy more stuff.  But I did have a cup of milk chocolate chips which I substituted.  After looking through the recipe, I realized I had all of the ingredients in my kitchen and I got to baking.  The addition of the sea salt was a winner because to me, having sea salt in my dessert makes it tastes more decadent.  The blondies turned out sweet, salty, and crumbly, and my house smelled like peanut butter.  Really, who can resist a good blondie?

You can find the original recipe here, since the only changes I made to the recipe were the milk chocolate chips. 


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