National Croissant Day

Today is National Croissant Day!  So go get your hands on a flakey and buttery, or chocolaty croissant!  To celebrate, I'm not eating croissants but writing about them and showcasing them here.  Saves me some calories and I get to share my photos with you!  A croissant done right has lots and lots of butter and many layers of crisp, bready perfection.  I found some great ones in France and also in Seattle and Portland.  I've noticed in recent years that the quality of pastries has gotten way better here as pastry chefs have opened shops and brought over techniques they learned in Europe.  Which is good news for us but maybe not for our waistlines!

A Chocolate Croissant, or Pain au Chocolate, from Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle. 

Fresh Flours in the Seattle's Beacon Hill offers many kinds of croissants.  You may have a tough time deciding!
But you could go with the Chocolate Almond Croissant and you won't be disappointed!
If you're searching for the perfect croissant in the International District in Seattle then head to Fuji Bakery.  They make a perfectly crafted croissant that you'll crave again the next day!
So try the Chocolate Matcha Croissant at Fuji Bakery for something unique and flavorful. 
Another favorite from Bakery Nouveau is the Chocolate Almond Croissant.  I've heard of people lining up for these outside the bakery.  Yes, they are that good! 
The birthplace of the croissant is France, of course!  Paul is just one place you get find them.  You don't have to look far for croissants in Paris, though! 
The hotel I stayed at in Paris had complementary croissants in the lobby.  These were divine and tasted oh so perfect!
Portland, now a foodie destination, has many places for croissants.  This Chocolate Croissant is from St. Honore Boulangerie. 
 There you have it!  So many croissants and types, so little time.  Better grab one before the day ends!


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