Woodland Park Zoo-Laber Day Weekend 2016

Going to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is always a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  You never know what kind of memories you'll make.  Maybe it will be holding your son so he can see the giraffe standing proud against the sun.  Or a mama gorilla cuddling with her baby.  Or the look of surprise on your son's face when he spots a quick like lightening jaguar.   How about seeing all those penguins happily hanging out by the water, snacking on fish?  Plus, you've got to love the little farm area for the kids with goats and sheep and pigs, oh my!  Maybe checking out the Butterfly Garden and seeing all of the colorful butterflies?  The pink flamingoes are always fun to watch, as you marvel at how thin their legs are.  But your favorite memory will be just being with your family, because that tops everything.    


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