The San Gennaro Festival

It was a taste of Italy in our own backyard on Saturday, as we walked around the San Gennaro Festival in Georgetown.  The event was September 9th through the 11th and was very festive with music, food, a large beer garden, olive oil tastings, and more.  A block away we could already hear the live music playing on the large stage and sounded like it was right out of Italy.  The brightly colored Vespa's parked in front of the beer garden looked very European and set the tone for a happy event.  Tutta Bella had a huge food truck and were selling large pizzas out of their window.  You could see the pizza being made and tossed into the air with style and expertise.  We tried a little Gelato because, when in Rome!  The four of us just had a taste with two scoops of scrumptious Gelato, Tiramisu and Mint Chocolate Chip.  It was chocolate heaven and the Gelato was very soft and smooth.  There were plenty of other Italian treats, too.  Cannoli, Italian Corn Dogs, fried calamari, Polenta, and Porchetta being some of the other foods to try besides pizza and Gelato.   We experienced Italy for a small while and it was sweet.  


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