National Vanilla Cupcake Day

Today, November 10th, is National Vanilla Cupcake Day.  Hooray! That means I get to do a post with some of my favorite vanilla cupcake photos.  I've eaten some good ones over the years.  Vanilla cupcakes are a delight and can go with any frosting.  I like my vanilla cupcakes chilled and moist.  Feast your eyes on some cupcake shots and go snag one for yourself to eat.  Or to photograph and eat, if you're like me!

Remember when Starbucks had cupcakes?  Back in 2009 they carried these Vanilla Bean Cupcakes which tasted delicious with a hot latte. 

A moist vanilla cupcake with super thick pink frosting.  From Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

Seattle is full of cupcakeries and Sugar Rush Baking Company is one of them.  Pictured here is a mini vanilla cupcake with coconut. 
Remember when we still had Borders Books, before they all closed?  They had a great cafe with thick, blended coffee drinks and pastries.  This vanilla cupcake with raspberry frosting and raspberry filling was memorable and oh so sweet. 
This lovely little cupcake with strawberry ganache frosting is from The Chocolate Box in downtown Seattle. 
Trophy Cupcakes, another one of Seattle's wonderful cupcakeries, churns out so many wonderful flavors.   This one is vanilla with chocolate frosting.
Believe it or not, this vanilla cupcake with pink frosting is from the Walmart Bakery. I love the panda adorning the top!

That's all I've got for now!  Happy Vanilla Cupcake Day!


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