Dinner at Shilla

I used to walk by Shilla twice a week when I was in photography school, on the way to the photo lab.  Shilla is a Korean restaurant I've never really paid any attention to or had any desire to check it out until last night when my husband mentioned he wanted to eat there.  He has been wanting to try these cold, Korean spicy noodles for weeks.  They're called biblim naeng myun and after looking online, he found out Shilla had them.  Plus Shilla is in Seattle so we didn't have to drive far to get his fix.  Federal Way and Shoreline is where to go if you want great Korean food.  But really, who wants to fight traffic on a rainy Friday night?  In the end we enjoyed the food at Shilla and were pretty happy with the experience.  Although I'm sure its pretty standard for Korean, sometimes location is really everything. 

Shilla has Korean BBQ, shown here with the fans and the built-in grills on each table. 

I had the Salmon Mango Ceviche.  Cured Salmon, mango, avocados and cucumber make up this dish.  Ceviche is something I've always wanted to try.  You can usually find it at Italian places and is served with shrimp.  But at Shilla I got to try Ceviche Korean style and I loved it. 

My husbands' spicy noodles, biblim naeng myun.  He liked the dish and thought it was pretty hot.  There was beef, veggies, an egg and the Korean buckwheat noodles. 

We weren't too sure what this dish was, maybe he was supposed to put it with his noodles or maybe this was a complimentarty appetizer.  Whatever it was, we liked it.  Tofu, veggies, some sort of Korean noodles and something that tasted just like mashed potatoes. 
I also ordered the Chicken Tatsuta age, marinated fried boneless chicken with a super spicy orange sauce.  Watch out!

Shilla is located at 2300 8th Ave in Seattle.  Their website is http://www.shillarestaurant.com. Shilla Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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