Foodie treats from last year's Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm getting ready to eat a lot of good food.  As I pull a pumpkin pie out of the oven and my house fills with that oh so delicious smell, I think about last year's Thanksgiving meal.  Besides the staples like the turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and stuffing I got to try some new food and drinks for the first time.  And isn't that what an incredible meal is all about? Merging the classic dishes with the new, or even just new to you.  Here's some photos of last year's Thanksgiving, which I spent with my husband's family and will again tomorrow, featuring an appetizer, a drink and some desserts. 

Pâté on a cracker with cucumbers and red peppers were snacked on as we waited for the turkey.

We sipped on Mulled Wine, a Bavarian Holiday Drink made with red wine, rum and spices. 

Two classics's- apple and pumpkin pie!

We always have a buffet of desserts to choose from.  Pictured here are some mini cheesecakes in strawberry, blueberry and chocolate. 

My husbands' aunt made Mochachino Cupcakes.  They were so rich and chocolaty and we loved the coffee flavor in these dense treats.

So many desserts, only so much room in my stomach.  We even had Birthday Cake.  It's the perfect meal when we have almost every kind of dessert.  Tomorrow I'm going to be good and only have one.  (We'll see.)
I hope your Thanksgiving Day is a good one, filled with lots of thanks, food and loved ones!


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