Lunch at Gorditos

Today I went out to lunch with friends at Gorditos in Greenwood.  Their burritos are so big that people bring in their newborns and place them next to them for a photo.  The burritos and the babies are about the same size.  There are tons of photos lining the wall all over the restaurant. 

In order to do the photo, your baby can't be more than a week old.  My friends came right from the hospital, their baby was born yesterday.  They took the photo before I arrived, so I didn't take one, but what a neat thing to do!

Gorditos serves delicious, fresh and healthy Mexican food with no trans fat.  I ordered a regular size chicken burrito but it was still huge.  I ended up eating about half and bringing it home for later. 

                      A couple of my friends ordered the Grande Burrito.  The thing looked huge! 

When you first walk in, you order at the counter.  They give you a mini pinata so they know where to deliver your food. 

                                                 You can click here for Gorditos website. 
                                   They are located at 213 N. 85th St. in Seattle (Greenwood)
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