Chocolate Mug Cake

I really love Pinterest. You wouldn't believe all the recipes and tips one can discover while clicking around the site. I always keep my eye out for quick and easy recipes and I've been seeing Chocolate Mug Cake pins for awhile now. This afternoon I finally tried this single serving and very easy chocolate treat. All it involves is a mug, one egg, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, a minute in the microwave and your on your way to chocolate heaven. It tasted like molten chocolate lava cake and was very rich. After it comes out of the microwave so its still hot, you can top it with chocolate chips, whipped cream, ice cream or pretty much anything you have on hand. I sprinkled chocolate chips, two small finely chopped squares of Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello and some Sea Salt on mine. So I basically baked a Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Mug Cake in about a minute and a half. Genius! See what I mean about what you can find to make on Pinterest?

The original recipe was adapted from and found here

  Chocolate Mug Cake

1 egg

1/4 cup powdered sugar

2 T.  cocoa powder

1 standard-sized mug

In mug, crack egg, add powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Whisk together with a small whisk until well mixed. Microwave for 60 seconds, until the cake is cooked through (but not overcooked!) Top immediately with a handful of milk chocolate chips, whipped cream, ice cream or hot fudge. 

I think caramel sauce or hot fudge with whipped cream would be the way to go!  This dessert would be perfect for a fall or winter night while watching a movie.  I don't think a glass of red wine paired with it would be too bad either. 


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