For the love of cupcakes

Oh, for the love of cupcakes.  For today only, Trophy Cupcakes has designer cupcakes for sale.  They are in celebration of a local Fashion Show being held and they have designer logos on them such as Chanel, Louie Vuitton, Hermes, Burberry and more.  And I wanted one bad.  I saw Trophy's post on Facebook and headed over to Pacific Place downtown to get one.  I wish I could say I snagged one, photographed it in beautiful lighting and then ate it.  But no, they were out.  I was told to return an hour later and I did.  Still no gorgeous cupcakes sporting Chanel logos.  It was going to be another forty or so minutes.  I wanted to stamp my foot and say no fair but I'm, like, thirty.  So I bought a different cupcake.  I settled for September's special cupcake, Banana Foster.  I asked the girl if the cupcake would travel well and she said yes.  Um, no.  I returned home and the cupcake was pretty much disheveled. Who cares, you say.  It will still taste good.  But no, I wanted to photograph it and it needed to stay pretty.  I tried to put the thing back together but it was covered in meringue.   Meringue is not a word I like and I never want to hear it again.  You may remember my Baked Alaska experience.  No, me and meringue don't mix.  I didn't really put two and two together that the cupcake was covered with it.  I wish I could say I was swept away with how it  tasted and that's all that mattered.  Sadly, no.  The cupcake just tasted like a banana muffin covered in melted meringue and put me back four bucks.  I'll just have to chalk this to another bad meringue experience.  There's that bad word again.  Don't worry Trophy, I'll be back though.  The things I go through for the love of cupcakes. 


I've eaten some delicious cupcakes from Trophy.  I love their buttercream and most of their ingredients are imported for maximum taste quality.  The owner, Jennifer Shea, was even on Martha Stewart a few years ago.  Martha loves their cupcakes and the nation wide recogniton has made them very popular. 

The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake.
The Chocolate Chip Mint Cupcake.
Last but not least, the Red Velvet Cupcake. 
           For more about Trophy Cupcakes such as their other flavors and locations, click here
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