Lunch at SabbVerr Thai Bar and Grill in Fremont


The Sleepless Snowman drink from SabbVerr Thai. Such a festive and cute drink! 

If you enjoy Thai food and unique and tasty cocktails, check out SabbVerr Thai in Fremont. Sabb in Thai means delicious and Verr means over the top, so SabbVerr means overly delicious! This spot is perfect for Insta and TikTok. There's lots of look at, and even the hallway to the restrooms is worth a photo with the bright purple lights. 

Their cocktails are super cute, and they currently have some festive drinks for the holidays! I couldn't resist ordering the Sleepless Snowman, which has a snowman made out of marshmallows on top of the drink. The drink itself was so creamy and rich! It had Vodka, coffee liqueur, Frangelico liqueur, and cream. My husband's cocktail, the Botan, came with a pretty butterfly clipped to the rim. It had Rum, black raspberry liqueur, and pineapple juice. We also shared a Beachy Breeze which had Rum, coconut liqueur, blue curacao, pineapple, and coconut cream.   

To eat, we shared a few dishes. Their servings are huge, feeding about three people each. We had some Chicken Pad Thai, the Papaya Salad, and the Chicken Wings. The food is on point here, and some of the best Thai we've eaten in a while. I really enjoyed the vibes and I like how they go the extra mile to make the cocktails fun! 

The Botan cocktail with a pretty butterfly! 

The Papaya Salad. 

Our three dishes included the Papaya Salad, the Chicken Pad Thai, and the Chicken Wings. 

The Chicken Pad Thai! 

The Beachy Breeze cocktail! 

SabbVerr Thai 

3410 Fremont Ave N

Seattle, WA 

(206) 632-2898


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