The San Gennaro Festival in Seattle | September 2023


A scoop of gelato from Nutty Squirrel at the festival. I chose the San Gennaro which was Italian Pistachio, almond, candied orange, rind, and spices. The perfect thing to eat while walking around the event. 

It had been five years since I attended the San Gennaro Festival in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. I was excited to see this Italian street fair come back! I've yet to travel to Italy, but I can imagine how it would feel to be there. Walking along, snacking on gelato and pastries, speaking Italian with the locals, sipping a glass of wine in the sunshine, and listening to loud, happy music. This festival feels like a preview to such a trip, even if I don't visit for a few years, I still can anticipate it.  

The San Gennaro was originally a religious commemoration that happened in 1926. In Naples, immigrants gathered in NYC's Little Italy to continue the tradition they had followed in Italy to celebrate Saint Janarius, the Patron Saint of Naples. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates his feast day on September 19th. Every year, millions of people attend the San Gennaro festival in NYC. And other cities, like here in Seattle, also celebrate.

The event was busy, with long lines for food. My first stop was for some gelato from Nutty Squirrel's adorable gelato truck. My scoop of pistachio gelato hit the spot, tasting so good while I walked around in the warm sun. Then I checked out their large beer garden and bought a glass of Rose. From there, I could see the stage and hear the musicians playing to their hearts content. 

Then I bought a Sfogliatelle which was not only visually appealing but so flaky and dense. This Italian pastry resembles a croissant but is flakier and filled with a delightful cream cheese. 

The San Gennaro festival is held every September in Georgetown for three days. Today, Sunday September 10th, is the last day.

 Until next time, San Gennaro Festival, Ciao! 


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