Checking out the new Matcha Magic in Bellevue


A Dirty Horchata with Oat Milk from Matcha Magic. 

A brand new spot with matcha drinks just opened in downtown Bellevue. Located on Bellevue's Main St, Matcha Magic is the place for matcha lovers. They're Bellevue's first plant-forward matcha bar. Their interior is too cute and aesthetic for words. If you love taking photos of your food and drinks with a cool background, this is the place. It's so pink and bright, you can't help but feel happy. 

I'm actually not a huge matcha fan, but there are other drink options on the menu. I wanted a hot drink, so I ordered a Dirty Horchata. This drink has espresso, Horchata, and your choice of plant milk. They don't have any dairy at Matcha Magic. I chose oat milk for my drink. My husband likes matcha, as he's gotten used to it recently. He chose a Strawberry Matcha Latte with Oat Milk. This is their most popular drink. 

I tried his latte and I liked how the matcha didn't dominate the drink. The strawberry flavor was nice and tart. My drink was warm and comforting. And it gave me a nice caffeine buzz. I could really taste the cinnamon in the Horchata, too.  

Since they're still really new, it was pretty busy. There's always a lot of hype around new spots in Seattle and Bellevue. This spot is really fun with lots of drink choices! 

Matcha Magic 

10246 Main St A

Bellevue, WA 



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