A Visit to JYS Bubble Tea


A really cool dessert with a fun dry ice presentation. Snowflake Milk Ice tastes like a lighter version of Vanilla ice cream. This Treasure Bowl was chock full of goodies like tapioca balls, red beans, and ube. Grab a spoon! 

A new bubble tea spot opened in the University District called JYS Bubble Tea. I saw some photos on Instagram and visited the next day. The interior is really fun and bright, almost like a club. There's a lot of seating which is nice, because they're open for dine-in, too. There are so many backgrounds for your drink photos. And don't forget to visit the restrooms. One has Mona Lisa on the ceiling, and the other has a Hello Kitty theme. So unique and fun. 

When my family and I visited, I totally forgot about the stressful school my sons had and my dentist appointment I was worried about the next day. I had to check myself and realize we were still in Seattle and not on vacay in Hong Kong or Tokyo. That's when you know when a place has great aesthetics. The owner was friendly and gave us some suggestions for what to order. He talked us into getting the Snowflake Milk Ice (Treasure Bowl). This huge dessert serves about 4 people and arrives to the table with dry ice. Ours was filled with milk ice, boba, red beans, Ube, Taro root, and Cherry Blossom Boba. This was a really unique treat to try for the first time. 

We also tried two drinks. The Tiramisu Milk Tea with Cherry Blossom Boba and a Sweet Peachy with Red Bean Dragon Boba. For some reason my Tiramisu drink arrived with no ice. So the flavor was lacking a bit with it being lukewarm. When I returned home, I put a couple of ice cubes in the drink and it tasted really good. The peach drink was nice and chilled however, and tasted fruity and refreshing. The tapioca balls for each drink were interesting and fun to try. But I prefer regular tapioca balls for my drinks. We also had some Chicken Wings which my sons really enjoyed. They use an air fryer to make them, so they're not very greasy. 

JYS was so fun to check out. If you're looking for a lot of atmosphere while you enjoy your BBT drinks and Milk Ice, then you'd love this spot! 

JYS Bubble Tea 
5267 University Way NE, Seattle 
(206) 466-1744


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