A Visit to Boss Tea for their Grand Opening

When I saw that a new Boba Tea spot had opened pretty close by to our neighborhood, I knew I had to go. We don't have too many places for boba nearby. Boss Tea opened this month and they are offering a promotion until the end of January. I received $1.15 off my order, so that was kind of nice. Their drinks looked colorful and refreshing and they also sell Bahn Mi. Bahn Mi are Vietnamese Sandwiches. And Bahn Mi means bread in Vietnamese. My husband enjoys them, so he ordered one with beef and jalapeƱos. It was nice and savory and he liked how spicy it was. 

I was in the mood for a fruity drink so I chose the Passionfruit Guava drink with Cheese Foam and Tapioca Pearls. There was fresh orange slices in my drink and it tasted really fresh. The pearls were also nice and soft, not too hard like some places. I would return to try more drinks. And my husband is always down for a Bahn Mi sandwich! 

Boss Tea 
6408 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle


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