Pyramid Brewing's Apricot Ale

 I wanted to talk about beer a little. Most specifically the Apricot Ale from Pyramid Brewing Co. This fruit beer took home a bronze metal at the 2020 Best of Craft Beer Awards. It's one of Pyramid's most popular and has one many awards since it was created in 1994. Fruit beers like the Apricot Ale keep getting more popular. The Pacific Northwest offers an abundance of fresh fruit for beer making. This beer is full of apricot aromas and flavors. I prefer fruit beers, especially ones I can find locally here in Seattle. I like to pair my fruity beer with chicken dishes, such as sliders. It's also good with cheese, like cheese curds. And of course, this kind of beer is always delicious with a fruity dessert like a pie or tart. If the Apricot Ale sounds like it will whet your whistle, it's available year around in a variety of sizes.

Photos courtesy of Pyramid Brewing Co. 


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