Old School Frozen Custard

A scoop of Marshmallow Mocha from Old School Frozen Custard in Capital Hill. 

Some people think ice cream season is only in the summertime, but I don't agree with those people. To me, ice cream's always a good idea. This weekend, the weather was pretty chilly, but our family wanted frozen custard. So after playing at the park, we headed to Seattle's Capital Hill to Old School Frozen Custard. 

How is frozen custard different from regular ice cream? It is more dense and reminds me of Gelato. This frozen dessert is made with egg yolks in addition to cream and sugar, resulting in a creamier consistency. It's also kept at a warmer temp than ice cream, so its softer. It tastes awesome, but melts fast!

At Old School, they offer three flavors each day-Vanilla, Chocolate, and one special flavor. Upon walking into the shop, some decisions have to be made. There are three styles of cones to choose from, along with a cup. You can even get a Sundae with toppings. They also do Concretes, frozen custard with a mix-in. Silly me, I didn't read the whole menu board, so I only saw the scoops with the cones and cups. Next time, one of those Sundaes or Concretes will be mine.

The Marshmallow Mocha sounded divine, so I got a scoop of that in a cake cone to share with my husband. Our sons each got a kid's scoop of chocolate in a sugar cone. I loved how soft and flavorful the frozen custard was. It reminded me of soft serve. This was one treat that was hard to share. The shop itself was really kid friendly and bright. It was hard to not feel happy and carefree there. There's also cookies and brownies to buy if you're not feeling like a cold dessert. But their frozen custard would be hard to pass up.


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