A Visit to Nana's Green Tea in Seattle

A new and popular place in Seattle for Japanese desserts is Nana's Green Tea. They have high quality drinks and desserts, with the highlight on matcha. If you're unfamiliar, matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed tea leaves. I'm not a big fan of it myself, so I was happy to see Nana's Green Tea serves other flavors as well. They also have hot food if you want to have a meal there, too. Their dessert parfaits have been all over Instagram and they've been making me drool.

So our family went in the early afternoon on a weekday so we wouldn't have to wait in line. I hear that the weekends are still drawing lines. I chose a Black Sesame Mochi Parfait. It had agar and black sesame bean paste, whipped cream with chocolate syrup, mocha balls, vanilla soft serve, corn flakes for added crunch and texture. There were also these cool grey jelly cubes in the bottom of the glass which I don't know the name for. Our sons can be picky so I chose vanilla soft serve in waffle cones for them. My husband always goes for the savory choices, so he ordered a plate of chicken curry and rice.

The server placed my parfait in front of me and I was taken aback by what a showstopper of a dessert it was. Wow, I said, this just begs to be photographed! She probably hears this all day. The dessert parfaits are gorgeous to look at, but how do they taste? Mine was incredible. Every bite had such good flavors and textures. It was a very well constructed dessert and one of the most unique things I've tried. Its a large parfait so I shared with my husband, but only a little, it was just too tasty. My sons were happy with their cones and happily ate away. And my husband enjoyed his chicken dish.

If you're in downtown Seattle, or even if you're not, try visiting Nana's Green Tea for fun, incredibly good, and unique Japanese desserts!


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